Below are our brownies details and prices list. We use only the finest and high quality of ingredients to produce high quality of taste. 

Wonka Brownies
Plain chocolate brownies with moist and cakey texture, coated with premium dark chocolate ganache.
Weight : 1kg

Macadamia Brownies
The most expensive nut- macadamia loaded in moist chocolate brownies with chocolate chips.  Ganache with premium dark chocolate and sprinkle of chopped macadamias, makes this brownies super delish!. You will craving for it.
Weight :1kg

Carrot Square
Moist carrot cake with blackcurrant, frosting with creamy smooth cream cheese and silver sprinkle.

@chilloutchiller, we care with your request. most of our customers concern about sugar level in term of sweetness for their desserts. you may ask us to reduce amount of sugar in your desserts without effect the taste.