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Feel free to fall in love with our delicious, yummy, beautiful and creative cakes & cupcakes.
cakes from our chiller are made with the finest & freshest quality ingredients and attention in art detail.
General Information
Never thought that 1 day this is what i would be - a cake decorator/ baker. With MA degree holder in Corporate Communication, it just out of my plan!!. Never had any formal course in baking and decorating (except macaroon class lol), only Youtube & Google as my references. Although my mom is a home baker and i was her 'helper' but i never do all the mixing & blending! i would say that this is a gift (alhamdulillah, syukran Allah) and this is my path. It's started when i was so bored doing nothing during 7th months of my pregnancy.yeahhh...And then suddenly its all begin.. Honestly, i hate baking but i do love art! so that i'm baking.